Top 5: Burgers

If you didn't know that August 27th is National Burger Day, then what have you been doing with your life? Here's our selection of the tastiest patties in and around E8:

The daddy of them all has been making burgers so good for so long, they've just made a coffee table book about them and the adventures in their creation. There's obviously a pretty hefty burger selection on the menu, but we'd recommend their perfectly formed cheeseburger, or spice things up with a green chilli burger with hella jalapeños. Warning - you will be back.

Duke's Brew & Que
These fellas know what they're doing with their meat. While the restaurant just off Kingsland Road boasts of smokin' BBQ pork ribs, beef ribs, 21-day aged steak and pulled pork (drooool) the burgers are definitely worth calling home about too. Their signature offering, Big Bowser the Beef Wowser, almost nudges the £20 mark, but doubles up with two 6oz topped with cheese, bacon and onion rings to make it a real show-stopper.

Eat 17
It may have only been open for a year, but Eat 17's burgers have already become legendary round these ways. Eschew the fancy cocktail bar and restaurant upstairs (just for tonight) and get stuck into their downstairs bar, dedicated to all things meat in a bun instead. Special mention goes out to their pork burger, which is doused in liberal amounts of their famous chorizo jam. There's literally nothing not to like in that sentence. Go. Now.

Dalston Superstore

How about a burger with a side of wonky electro? Fall into a booth in one of the favourite restaurants on The Strip, get an excellent cocktail from the bar and get chowing down on the kitchen's finest. Their classic burger keeps it real with all the usual garnishes, or are you man enough for their Hot Rod Burger? This beef patty is topped with a caliente Scotch Bonnet and red onion relish - ask for extra hot sauce at your peril.

Bunsmiths @Sebright Arms
Masters of the low-and-slow technique, these burger kings popped up at the Sebright Arms earlier this year and man, is the world a better place for them. The beef brisket burger (£8.5) has an intense smokey flavour while the 12-hour apple wood smoked pulled pork bun is just dreaming. Their buttermilk fried chicken is also a thing of beauty too, if you're that way inclined.