Popping up: 16th - 19th October



It's an odd title to be crowned with, but The King of Gnocchi is one that Adalberto Battaglia holds close to his heart. And his 'A Roman In Clapton' supperclub series continues this week, on Thursday as usual, upstairs at Palm 2. Last week was all about truffles and game and he's doing a re-up this week, so expect four courses along the lines of rabbit with salsa verde and truffle mayo, truffle pasta with porcini and guanciale and, of course, gnocchi. The feasting starts at 7pm, tickets cost £29 from here and by this time tomorrow, you'll probably be ready to crown Adalberto with his much-loved title, too.


Had history lessons been more like tonight's event, we may have been inclined to pay a bit more attention in school. The Geffrye Museum are hosting a Food Through The Ages feast tonight, and if you've never paid the venue a visit before, now's the perfect time to explore it in all its glory. The museum has hooked up with Funthyme dining events (props on the name, guys) and food historian Kate Colquhoun to hold the banquet, which will include a historical cocktail (hopefully not moonshine) plus dishes like the 16th century fried quail egg and bacon on toast or the 17th century Salmagundi (an exotic chicken salad with carved beetroot, anchovies, eggs, pearl onions, grapes and flowers). We can safely say this is like no other pop-up or supperclub out there. Tickets cost £50 from here, it's BYOB after the first cocktail (so let your inner Henry VIII out) from 7pm.



It's party time (well, festival time) for Rajiv's Kitchen on Saturday night, as autumn is celebration time in Nepal. So to honour the feast days of Dashain and Tihar, Rajiv is cooking up a four-course storm from his country which will include chicken momos, lentils and minced lamb patties, goat and pumpkin curries with some spicy pickles and black gram daal. Dessert will feature a sel roti - a traditional festival treat of ring-shaped rice bread/doughnut, to be washed down with a shot of Nepalese rum. Tasty. The event starts at 7.30pm at Palm 2, it's BYOB and it's all the very reasonable price of £32 - grab your tickets from here.



While Yotam Ottolenghi seems to be cleaning up as everyone's chef-of-the-moment, it has also meant eyes - and bellies - looking to Middle-Eastern cuisine in general too. So today's Saffron and Spice event will be popular with people looking to learn the secrets of Persian cooking. The earlyish start on a Sunday (11am) will be rewarded with a half-day cookery class with Yasmin Khan, who will be taking guests on a speedy tour through the fragrant and exotic cuisine with dishes like pilafs, mezzes, stews and salads. There will also be an introduction to using Iranian ingredients like pomegranate molasses, barberries, sumac and dried limes. Then - the best bit - you'll get to chow down on a super-special lunch of everything covered in the class. Beats a Sunday roast, doesn't it? Tickets cost £65 from here, it takes place in Stoke Newington and for more details see here