Popping up: 24th - 26th October


If you're a fan of highly specific co-ordinates, global cuisine and a cheap night out, well, this is the dinner party for you. Latitudinal Cuisine is a supperclub where a latitude line is chosen at random and the night and its food is inspired by the countries it crosses.  This time, it's all about the 64th meridian west which, if you weren't too hot at geography at school, starts up at the Canadian Arctic and goes through Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela. The hosts for the evening are Alex and Sinead and they have space for 19 people to attend on the proviso each person brings a bottle of wine plus a dish that comes from one of the countries the line crosses. The Colombia Road event is free to attend, sign up here - just make sure you've got food, good chat and are willing to help clear up afterwards.



Nepali cuisine seems to be the flavour of the month. With Rajiv's Kitchen cooking up a festival feast last weekend, Vino and Spice are taking us on a contemporary Nepalese trip this weekend, paired with beer, wine and cocktails. There's literally nothing not to like in that last sentence. Tonight, the event kicks off with some table snacks of peanut sandheko and chilli paneer, then it's on to crispy spicy pork shoulder with curried quails eggs, followed by BBQ lamb rump and slow braised shoulder of lamb takhari, served with pea, tarragon and chilli achaar. Puddings sound great too - yoghurt panna cotta, mango and pistachio crumble and lime sorbet with apple crisp. Tickets cost £35 available from here, and doors open at Palm2 at 7pm.


We love pizza. We also love French food. Plus, we're pretty likely to be hungover and have the hanger on Sunday, so all things combined, the all-you-can -eat Tarte Flambée (a sort of French pizza) sounds like a winner. The Flambée lot have had a residence in Catch since the beginning of the month, but this is your chance to get truly stuck in for the night. They specialise in pizza from the Alsace region of France, which has a very thin and crispy dough topped with creme fraiche, yoghurt - but no tomatoes. On the night there'll be toppings like lardons and onions, pulled pork and smoked salmon. The dessert one with Nutella and Malteasers has "yes" all over it, too. Tickets cost £15 from here and you can dive in snout first from 7pm. Check out their Twitter here.