Popping up: 7th - 9th November




Papi's Pickles is the most exciting thing to happen to Indian food since the poppadom was invented. Fresh from a residency down in Brixton, the family-run supperclub are headed out east for the night and are taking over Well Street Kitchen with their Sri Lankan short eats. Expect a five-course meal with a couple of South Indian dishes, a few Sri Lankan plates and of course lots of their signature dosa. Tickets cost £25 from here, and why not check out our interview with the founder, Abi Ramanan, here?



Can we talk about what a great idea Happy Endings is? It's a five-course meal...of desserts. Five. Courses. Of. Desserts. It's the genius brainchild of Terri Mercieca, who told us when we interviewed her here that she set it up as "I always wanted to go and just eat dessert at a restaurant." And for that we're eternally grateful. The sweet feast takes place in a Hackney warehouse, tickets cost £40 from here and there's three sittings - at 8pm on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday and 8.30pm Sunday. Your dentist might not thank you, but your stomach definitely will. 




It's been a while since we've featured someone who is probably one of the most prolific people in the supperclub scene - and that's Christabel and her Mad Hatter's brunch party. You should know the score by now, it's in her cute studio by Regent's Canal and it's a veritable banquet of food for the £25 cover, which includes pancakes, cheddar cheese scones, crispy bacon and maple syrup and chocolate brownies. Everyone's sweet tooth is most definitely going to be sated this weekend. The event kicks off at midday and tickets are available here.