Anatomy of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich

Charlie Phillips (Morty and Bob's)

“First up is the cheese. We actually use three types of cheese in our sandwich. One is the Lincolnshire Poacher, one is Cheddar curd - which is cheddar about two weeks into it's process. It's quite haloumi like, quite stringy and salty and gives us our really good texture, it's our base cheese. Then we have a Montgomery Cheddar, a vintage Cheddar aged for a year, so it's properly mature.

Then we have three onions, red onion, spring onion and shallots. For the bread, we use sourdough bread, because it's super on-trend as well as tasting amazing. We also needed a sliced sourdough, which is really important to us when we're selling hundreds of toasties. It toasts really well, it's just the right thickness. The toast has to be crunchy on the outside so we spread butter on the outside.

We cook it on a flat rather than ribbed grill – we use a Buffalo grill as you get the best crispiness and we cook at about 180 degrees.

It's great served just on its own, or with a little hot sauce, or with our chutney which is from Newton and Pott, and finished with our pickles are from The Pickleman deli.”