Popping up: 1st - 3rd August


We could do an "Oi oiiii gonna get stuck into some of Columbian's finest produce tonight LOL!!!!" gag, but frankly, we're better than that. Chef Esteban Pérez is taking over upstairs at Palm2 for a slap up, five-course Columbian-meets-British dinner tonight as a far tastier treat to get stuck in to instead. Think vegetable fritas with spiced syrup, chicken or butternut squash tamales, paisa beef, pork and chorizo pie with plantain soldiers and papaya and pineapple trifle. Tickets costs £26.50 and are available from here, and the feasting begins from 7pm. 

We don't know who thought up honouring Marcel Duchamp through the power of food, but we like it. The surrealist French artist influences a five-course meal by Banquet chefs and The Artist Dining Room and boasts odd-but-delicious creations such as tomato confit and parmesan crisp with a painting of squid (no, us neither), beef bourguignon twinned with sliders and semi-freddo fountain cake. The night is hosted by the drôle US artist Doug Fishbone, and don't worry, there's not going to be any food served up in his famous urinal. We hope. Tickets cost £36.50, the event takes place at Guest Project/Shonibare Studio. Email info@guestprojects.com to book and check here for more details. 


Did you know it's Hackney WickED art and music festival this weekend? Yep, so there's our chance to be so slightly smug about living in one of the coolest, most creative and generally the most fun borough in the capital. Oh, and get drunk doing it too. Food wise, you're going to want to sign up for The Beggars Banquet, who create wondrous meals from surplus food and, like every other of our weekend selections, are also hosting a five-course extravaganza. Even better, the dinner raises money for three East London social enterprises that tackle food waste, The People's Kitchen, Rejuce and United Diversity. So you leave feeling full on food waste finery and that you've done your good deed for the day.  Tickets cost £25 from here and more deets here.  


If you haven't taken a trip down to the Hackney Hardware pop-up bar, then we have to ask, what the hell have you been doing with your summer so far? Here's the chance to right your wrong as it's the last day for this DIY shop-turned-drinking-den. As it's the Hackney WickED festival this weekend, if you whisper (or even shout) "WICKED!" you'll get any drink for a fiver. Which really is wicked. Food wise, there's a decent selection of bar snacks, like pork pie with piccalilli, a smoked octopus board or black pepper and fennel salami on offer. We're going to miss these guys. In the (paraphrased) words of KC and The Sunshine Band - "Hackney Hardware, please don't go!". Join the fun at 493 Hackney Road.