Anatomy of the perfect burger

Anatomy of the perfect burger, by Yianni Papoutsis [MEATmission & MEATliquor]

“I was researching the best ways to create the perfect burger for about eight years, in total. I spent a lot of time in America, watching and learning for a long time and at some point it all came together.

For me, the perfect burger is all about balance. The balance between umami, sweet, savoury, salt, fat, the crisp lettuce, the bite of the mustard, the tang of the ketchup, all those things come in to play.

It seems there's a lot of things around at the moment that just seem to be about getting PR for the menus or column inches, like someone's made the most ridiculous tasting burger, or the most ridiculous size. It's simple, it's all just about the classic flavours.

When you bite into our burgers, you should be getting a mouthful of everything that's in there. Also, the construction of the burger is just as important as the ingredients. The whole idea of balance is that you get the composition of the burger in every mouthful. That's why we don't allow people to add anything, like bacon to chilli, as it's overwhelming to the palate. We craft our burgers as a food item, rather than just a sandwich made up of lots of pieces.

We didn't invent the burger, but we may have invented a new way of looking at them...”