Popping up: 26th - 28th September


Street Feast may have had its last hurrah on Saturday at Dalston Yard, but a whole load of pigs are moving in for this weekend. Christened Pork Life (snarf), this 48-hour fiesta celebrates all edible things porcine as a whole host of street food stalls come together to offer their take on the noble pig. There's pork belly fried rice from Nanban, pork pibil tacos from Breddos, porchetta from Blackfoot, St Louis ribs from The Rib Man plus even bacon maple brownies from Bad Brownie on offer. So make like the pig in proverbial shit and get your £15 tickets here.


It's time to stand on a rooftop overlooking London Fields and wave sadly goodbye to the summer. But at least you can do it while quaffing a Negroni and chowing on a bit of panzanella. It's Coppa's last weekend this year, but as a thank you for another great season they're going out with a bang - well, our sort of bang: cocktails for a fiver and some special Italian bar snacks too. Open until 11pm Sunday. Ciao, Coppa!


We bigged up the Conflict Kitchen's Talking Peace dinners last week and we're doing it again this week for three reasons. 1) It's a worthy cause. 2) It's their last event of the series. 3) We really love Peruvian food. Which is handy, as it's Peruvian themed this weekend. Chef Marlith Tenazoa Del Aguila is cooking up a feast from the Amazon, including a peanut-based Inchicapi soup, a yam and fish main and ceviche, of course. It kicks off at 7.30pm at Monikers in Hoxton Square, tickets cost £35 from here.


Like cider? And cheese? Well, who doesn't? The Cider Box and Raw Cheese Power have come together for a decadent night of cider and cheese tasting - and there's seven whole rounds of the pairings. We're told there's going to be "cheese based challenges, impromptu cider brandy toasts and overflowing glasses" - we're IN. The event takes place at old boozer The Old Ship, right next to Hackney Empire. While the feasting runs from 6-8pm and costs £20 from here, non-ticket holders will be able to come and have a bit of a dance afterwards too. And laugh at everybody with the cheese-sweats too, presumably. 


If you're a Lemon and Herb Nandos sort of person - look away now. The Festival of Heat is taking chilli to whole new levels, and there's no time for other sappy flavours today. We want fire! It's the second ever festival devoted to the chilli and it's being held once again at Spitalfields City Farm. There's spicy enthusiasts, growers and cooks from all over the world who are passionate about the pepper - so expect chilli jams, butters, sauces, mustards and a whole host of of other products and cookery demonstrations available to get the tongue tingling. Our tip: bring a pint of milk. It's said to cool the mouth down better than just water. Entry is free, but they're asking for a donation that will go towards the upkeep of the farm. Runs midday - 6pm.