National Breakfast Week: best dishes in Hackney


We already have National Yorkshire Pudding Day, Be Nice To Nettles Week and National Bacon Day, so it figures it's about time for National Breakfast Week. Well, they do say it's the most important meal of the day. Happily, we agree and luckily, Hackney is spoilt for choice when it comes to great breakfast spots. Here's some of the best in the area - and which dish to go for...

The Pavilion Cafe - Sri Lankan breakfast

Who knew breakfasting in a park could be so civilised? Well, us, as we regularly like to stop off for an early morning bite at the cafe by the lake in Viccy Park. Their Sri Lankan breakfast is an exotic treat to brighten up a Monday morning, with spicy egg and potato curry, dhal and string hoppers all part of one of the best dishes on offer at the small venue. The hearty Eggs Benedict or Eggs Royale is always a good shout, or go sweet with the pancakes instead. They use Ginger Pig meat for their English Breakfasts, the coffee is banging and just try and say no to one of their delicious cakes for dessert. Read our full review here.

Hash E8 - Pig Muffin

Hash E8 opened up on Dalston Lane last year and has been championing the all-day breakfast ever since. Much of the menu here is based around hash browns (duh) served in big dishes with meaty treats and perfectly poached eggs. But it's the towering Pig Muffin that gets our vote here: a sausage patty, crispy bacon belly slice, egg, hash brown, cheese AND bacon jam in a bun. No, you didn't dream it. It's for real! The sweet selection is also worth pointing out here - French toast stuffed with bananas, chocolate peanut butter...We'll stop now, as we're drooling on the keyboard. Check out more here.

Railroad Road Cafe - Moroccan Eggs

This little favourite is hidden away on Morning Lane, behind Tesco's and right beside Hackney's so called 'Fashion Hub'. So before the fashionistas, foreign investors and their luxury flats take over this slice of E8 living, may we suggest stopping by for their Moroccan eggs? Baked in a tomato and cumin sauce, there's not a lot much sweeter than mopping up this dish with plenty of crusty bread. Their bacon sandwich (on sourdough) is another great classic here, as are the crumpets and jam, and if you're feeling adventurous, there's also a Vietnamese baguette to kick start your morning. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. More details here.

Arepa & Co - Pabellon Cachapa 

Yes, we've been mentioned these guys a lot recently. But when the food's this good, why wouldn't we? There's been a couple of repeat trips to this canal-side cafe for their Pabellon Cachapa - a corn pancake stuffed to the rafters with shredded beef, black beans, Cheddar cheese and plantains. There's also myriad fillings for their arepas - cornbread pockets - too, and their coffee is enough to jolt anyone out of the morning blues. Here's the full review, here.

Hoi Polloi - Crab Omlette

Basically, if you're having an early meeting in Shoreditch, this is where you want to come to get fancy. While there's eggs all the usual ways, granola and porridge on the menu, we'd zone in the crab omelette with spring onion and coriander. It's a fragrant and light dish that will inject a whole load of happy into your day, especially when served with one of their fresh juices and shakes made to order by Lovage. Check out a little more about the restaurant here.

Bistrotheque - Eggs Benedict

While the 'theque is only open for breakfasting on weekends and from 11am, it's definitely worth mentioning for their incredible brunch service. This isn't any old fry up in a greasy spoon - oh no, it's silver service all the way, darlings. The Eggs Benedict are out-of-this-world good (do what we do and ask for one Benedict, one Florentine on the same plate) as is the English Breakfast and their pancakes are fluffy pillows of joy when drenched in lots of maple syrup. Music comes in the form of Xavior, their excellent lounge pianist and their breakfast cocktails are to be commended, too. Check out more here.