Popping up: 9th - 11th October



The super-popular Knife & Pork return to Hackney with a five-course feast at St John's Church. On the menu - after a lil Woodfood Reserve Old Fashioned - is a bountiful banquet centred around their 36-hour sous-vide porchetta dish. There'll also be lots more on the menu, including raw cheese by Raw Cheese Power. Tickets cost £32.50 from here, it starts at 7pm and Bottle Apostle in Viccy Park will be selling wine paired with each dish, too.



Or for something different, there's a Filipino meal, Kamayan style, which means no knives, forks or plates, it's just a big dinner to eat with your hands. Cooking up is the Maynila chefs, who are planning a meal that includes deep fried pork knuckles, tilapia, squash and beans coconut stew, mango salad and jasmine steamed rice. For dessert, there's deep fried bananas with vanilla ice cream, which presumably won't stay around long enough to melt. It takes place in Shoreditch from 7.30pm and costs £35 from here.



As the (cock)tail end of London Cocktail Week comes around, how's about a Bloody Mary masterclass to finish the whole thing off? Taking over The Victoria are #YummyTreats who will be a-blending and a-shaking a range of Bloody Marys which will be served up with some brunch nibbles. Tickets cost £12 for LCW wristband holders and £18 without and you can book tickets here. Kicks off at 10.30am and is also running on Saturday, too.