London Cocktail Week: East London's best offerings


We're a good few days into London Cocktail Week, and as the weekend is just around the corner, that means more cocktails than you can shake a pink mini-umbrella stick at.

This is your chance to try out a host of new drinking dens (or be boring and visit your usual ones) and to enjoy a cocktail created especially for the week, for just five of your English pounds. That is, if you've bought the wristband for £10, which are still available from here

Here's the list off your stop-off points, and their offerings. We'd suggest a bar crawl to take them all in, but that's probably not going to end well, is it?

White Lyan - Ember 75: Monkey Shoulder whisky, lemon distillate, BBQ fruit distillate, mixed acid solution, mineral water, Franciacorta.

BEAGLE - Candy Cooler: Beefeater gin infused with gooseberry, aperitif liqueur, rhubarb bitters, top with elderflower tonic.

Draughts London - Black Fleet: East London Liquor Company rum, banana liqueur, blackberries, lime, dill.

The Barge House - The Baroness & The Professor: Bathtub gin, maraschino liqueur, MONIN Grenadine syrup, pineapple juice.

Mussel Men  - Our #ScottishInvasion of Dalston doesn't have 1 cocktail but 7! Gin. Vodka. Drams. Mussels. Mayhem.

POND Dalston - Lachlan's Ruin: Gin, MONIN gomme syrup, egg white, bell pepper shrub.

Ruby's - The Tropical Italian: Bitter aperitif, mango, chinotto, prosecco.

Original Sin - The Wanderer: Kilchoman whisky, amontillado sherry, lemon juice, orange juice, pomegranate molasses.

Foxlow Stoke Newington - Wookie: Havana Blanco rum, over proof rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, milk syrup, white pepper tincture.

Stoke Newington Tea House - Cepa Lac: Plymouth gin, lemon juice, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon top with milk chai tea & MONIN lemonade syrup.

Oooh - also, for fans of a late-night tipple, Silk Stocking bar on Dalston Lane is opening up this weekend as well. It's from the guys behind Satan's Whiskers and it looks like it'll serve some pretty decent cocktails, too.

So all in, it looks like a pretty boozy weekend, then. Better get that sparkling water and Nurofen on standby...