5 dishes to try on Forge & Co's new menu


Now autumn's come well and truly rolling in, it's all about comfort food.We're talking choice cuts of meat, slow-roasted, with some buttery mashed potatoes. Or a luxurious creamy pasta dish, followed by a sticky toffee pudding. And let's pair that with a nice bottle of red, shall we? It is practically party season now...

It's actually perfect timing for the launch of Shoreditch social working space Forge & Co's new modern grill menu, which celebrates all the glorious dishes above in one decadent meal. Chef Timothy Brindley has taken his learnings from time in the kitchens at Tom's Kitchen and the Caprice Holdings group and created a casual yet tasty menu perfect for group dining.

And while the idea of sharing dishes normally strikes us with dread (are we going to have to fight over three little cubes of fish? What if there's not enough bread to fill us up?) we're happy to report Tim is definitely generous on the old portion size. Big enough that even if you see four spoons dipping in for that dessert bowl, you're not going to want to go all Edvard Munch on everyone.

Anyway, here's the five dishes we reckon you need to be ordering on your next visit.


1. Seared mackerel with golden beetroot and horseradish (£7)


This dish showcases those lovely golden beets that are in season at the moment, pairing them with a perfectly cooked fillet of mackerel, made punchy with a touch of horseradish.


2. Wild mushroom and truffled mac 'n' cheese (£7.5)


You like mac, right? You're going to love this. There's no end of cheese spared in this dish for a gooey, carby delight that also has a little earthy and nutty tang from the truffle and mushrooms. This is probably the dish you're going to regret offering to share the most.


3. Winter truffle pappardelle (£14)


It's back to everyone's favourite luxury fungus for this plate - seriously, look at all those shaved truffles that make up this fragrant pasta dish. Watch this vanish in seconds.


4. Chateaubriand with bone marrow and chips (£60)


AKA the big hitter. This is a hefty whack of meat, but you don't have to face it own your own as it's for two (at least) to share. Big slabs of tender, juicy pink beef made even more decadent by scooping up some of the flavoursome accompanying bone marrow, too. Pro tip: dip those chips into the marrow too, for the ultimate in OTT-eating.


5. Baked Alaska with blackberry ice cream (£12) 


The chef is seriously bringing retro back, but with a little modern twist. A duvet of meringue that's smoother than Pharrell gargling with baby oil covers a centre of tangy blackberry ice cream. Why did this even fall out of fashion in the first place? Welcome back, old friend.




We were invited as guests by Forge & Co. for this meal.