Anatomy of the perfect chip

By Danny Sutton, of Sutton & Sons

"Perfect chips in my opinion should be big and chunky, with a light, golden crisp skin and a fluffy white centre - that's how we make them at Sutton & Sons. 

We use the finest potatoes through our few chosen potato merchants, checking each batch for sugar and starch levels before we even think of peeling, chipping and frying them. We like to use Maris Piper potatoes best, but this can change, depending on the season.

We get through more than one ton of potatoes every week, so we use the latest technology to peel and chip them just the way we like it. Next, we fry them using only the top quality oil and we change this oil on a regular basis. It's taken me about two years to perfect the method I use.

Finally, serve them up. I think the classic accompaniment is salt and vinegar. Oh - and chip shop chips always taste better than making them at home, as we're trained professionals!"


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