Popping up: 6th - 8th February



It's time to get your curry on, as Apartment 12 are hosting their Thai Pop Up! night, all night long on Balls Pond Road. The crew are on a mission to bring authentic Thai cooking to the east London supperclub scene and they kick off with a three-course meal on Saturday which includes Thai Red and Green curries for the £20 ticket price. There's also cocktails and music from DJ Dr. Um, check out more details here, or their FB page here



OK, so it's a contender for one of the silliest pop-up names around, but I Wanna Cheese You Up means you're gonna get cheesed, and you're gonna get cheesed GOOD. Hosted by Supper Freek (they're big on puns, aren't they?), this will be an evening of Alpine-meets-Greek cooking, with tartiflette (a cheese, potato and bacon dish) and Karidopita (a Greek walnut and syrup cake) on the menu. Heavy stuff - don't go planning any dancing afterwards, will you? Tickets cost £22 from here, it's BYOB and it takes place in Stokie from 7.30pm.



Latitudinal Cuisine dinners are always top of the list for some of the most "out there" supperclub themes. And this week's one is no exception, with the theme being the highly precise 39th meridian east line - so the invisible line that runs through from the Antarctica, through Tanzania, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and all the way up to Turkey, Ukraine and Russia. The hosts of the night ask every guest to bring a dish from one of these countries, plus your choice of booze, then everyone mucks in for the rest of the quirky meal. The best bit is that it's free, so perfect for anyone still a bit skint from Christmas, or who's sick of Facebook and fancies making some IRL new friends. The meal takes place from 7.30pm in Stokie and for more details on booking your place, click here.