Five reasons why Bunsmiths are the new burger kings

In case you missed it, Bunsmiths have taken over the kitchen in the Sebright Arms and they may well have just perfected the art of the burger. Here's why:

Dem buns

Well, where else are you going to start? Their buns are sweet, almost brioche-like and hold right through to the very last bite of the burgers. We're told the secret ingredient is potato flour - see, not only great for chips...

The weapons-grade BBQ equipment


If you're going to get serious about your meat - look to America. And Bunsmiths did just that, importing specialist smoking ovens from the land of the chargrill. That means an intense, smoky flavour infused throughout all the meat - especially in the beef brisket bun (£8.5) which packs a hella attitude in every bite of those burnt ends.

The punchy salad

Why does every other burger place stop at coleslaw for a veggie side dish to a burger? There's definitely a space for a hearty salad to go with a bread-encased patty and to add a little bit of fresh crunch to the dish. The house salad (£4.5) is a great mix of sweet potato, quinoa, rocket and beetroot with a honey and mustard dressing. Oh, and a little bit of slaw, too, just for tradition's sake.

The perfect fried chicken

Wait - fried chicken that isn't greasy? What sort of crazy alchemy is this? We're not entirely sure what spell has been cast, but the buttermilk fried chicken (£4.5) is seriously some of the best chicken we've had in a long time. Loving the chipotle mayo dip it comes with too.

They're opening a whole new other restaurant within a year

Look at this and tell us this wouldn't make your evening, right? Well, it gets even better as the guys tell us they're planning another, standalone Bunsmiths restaurant somewhere out East in the next year. If we can still make it through the door by then.