The five dishes to order at My Neighbours


Guess what? Wilton Way now has its very own traditional dumpling house. It's run by My Neighbours The Dumplings, who started out life as a pop-up at Palm 2 in Clapton, but they've now taken over the cosy spot where Mayfields used to be. The owner, Becca, tells us it's a semi-permanent set up (they'll be there until the owners, Borough Wines, sell the place), which is all the more reason to get down there, like, now. 

It's a cool little set up - grab a table and a list of the dumplings, then mark in the boxes which ones you'd like, order a drink from the sake bar then sit back and enjoy the food. There's a range of freshly cooked Chinese cuisine, with dumplings steamed, crispy fried or Beijing style. It's all very casual and social (unless you end up fighting over the last piece) and most dishes clock in at under a fiver. We love all the light-box signs hanging around the place and the soundtrack, too. But enough about the vibe, here's the five dishes you need to order when you visit. FYI - if you pass on the chocolate dumplings, you're a fool.

Sui Mai classic - steamed pork and prawn (£4.5)

Lamb and coriander fried jiaozi (AKA 'pot-stickers') (£4.5)

Shiitake mushroom and vegetable (£4)

Crispy pork belly (£7)

Chocolate dumplings with salted caramel and ice cream (£4.5)

52 Wilton Way, open Wed - Sun 6pm - 11pm @my_neighbours