5 dishes to try at Sabel Feasts

We know it's only June, but we're calling it: Sabel is the best supperclub of the summer. The idea of a feast was always going to go down well with us, but a night at their pop-up dinner is truly one to be rolled home from. Course after course of delicious, seasonal British dishes are cooked up by chef Toby Williams at this family-run dinner. They're big on flavours - so think the freshest produce, bold herbs and smoked, salted and dried ingredients working together to really pack a punch on your tastebuds.

A series of Sabel Feasts is taking place across the summer at Palm 2 in Clapton, with dates on June 26 and 27, July 10, 11 and 31, and August 1.  It's just £35 for tickets (including a little aperitif - the white port and tonic is a lovely refresher), which are available here. Meanwhile, here's our top five dishes we loved on the night we visited.

Breakfast radish with smoked cod's roe and celery salt


Look at the colour of those radishes! Seriously, there's not a cheerier way to start off dinner that these (mild) beauties, scooped up with the fragrant whipped cod roe. That's not all they whipped, as the addictive smoked butter had us filling up on more E5 Bakehouse bread and butter than was sensible for the beginning of the meal.

Lamb scrumpets, redcurrant, vinegar and mint jelly


Yep, we had to ask what scrumpets were too. It's roasted neck of lamb, breadcrumbed and deep fried. And there's nothing we don't like about these salty meat nibbles.

Cornish sardines, fennel, citrus and bottarga


The quality of the produce can't help but shine through in each dish and these little fishes were no exception. Lifted by lemon and fennel, there was also loads of the rich, salty bottarga (cured fish roe) grated on top, which makes any dish it is added to a luxury.

Slow-cooked beef cheeks, girolles and smoked mash


See? They really don't skimp on the sharing plates of food for the groups of diners. This huge, delicious mound of perfectly low-and-slow cooked beef cheeks enriched by sweet girolles and served with a cloud of smoked mash (no doubt using some of their hand-smoked whipped butter) made this a dish no-one around the table will forget anytime soon.

Egg custard tart, berries, brown sugar and lavender


Still warm from the oven, this traditional British dessert was due a comeback - and egg custard tart is certainly one of our favourite childhood treats. Served whole for the table to cut a hefty slice each, the berry salad was fragranced with a hint of lavender and the final course had us smiling long into the night afterwards.