Black Pig With White Pearls

61 Stoke Newington High Street N16 8EL

0207 249 1772

AKA: The one where you pretend you're in a tiny, backstreet bar in Barcelona

The deal: Take a seat: shit's gonna get authentic. Those other Spanish restaurants passing off chips and chilli sauce as patatas bravas and hocked-off bits of ham as jamon are dead to you now. BPWWP is a lovely, intimate restaurant that transports you to Spain over the course of their delicious tapas menu. The vibe is dark and candlelit – perfect for date night or if you're having a clandestine affair, (we won't judge) – and the waiting staff will happily talk you through the menu and the wine list with their sexy accents. Oh – downstairs they have a private dining room which is great for celebrations, or when you want to draw out a happy, long meal into the small hours.

The menu: Thankfully, being a mainly tapas menu you can happily eat your way through a number of small dishes. Special shout outs go to the pulpo a la gallega (£13), delicious octopus with potatoes and paprika; arroz negro (£6.5) black risotto coloured with squid ink served with calamari, and escalivada pintxo (£7), one for the veggies with tasty roasted pepers and aubergine on sourdough toast. But it's the pig why people flock here. From the jamon iberico tapa (£9), 24-month cured, free range and organic (obvs) ham to the pork entrecote (£26) and fillet (£24.50), we can see why they put jewellery on the old sow – it's amazingly flavoursome.

The signature dish: We're all about the entrecote of pork. Whatever happens when those little piggies eat the acorns, we're totally down with that.

The chef: David Mulero

When to dine: Friday night

Damage to pocket: With mains around £25, a meal with a few tapas, shared main and a bottle of wine will come to around £40 per person.

File under: Date night, celebrate good times, mid-week munches, Chomping Ground favourite