AKA: The one to get your meat on to

The deal: You like meat, right? Lots of it, smoked, marinated and falling off the bone, yeah? Well, see you down at Duke's then. This homage to an all-American BBQ joint will have you salivating from the moment you enter. And you haven't even seen the menu yet. Big portions, big on taste washed down with beer from their in-house Beavertown (- LOL-) Brewery, you might have to be rolled down the street on leaving, but man, was it worth it.

The menu: Big, bold and no bullshit. Vegans and veggies are OUT. The basis of the menu is carnivore heavy, so think sticky, delicious BBQ ribs: pork ones, smoked over hickory and apple-cherry wood (from £10.95) and Irish beef (£21.95), smoked over hickory and mesquite wood. For the Man vs. Food types among you, there's beef steaks (£Market Price), stand-out burgers (£12.95) and pulled pork sliders (£3.95). It's an all-US themed brunch at weekends too, where you can try out the artery-bothering Mister Frenchie's Ravioli (£9.95) – French toast stuffed with bacon and cream cheese. Yee-haw.

Signature dish: Beef ribs, also voted one of London's Top 10 dishes in Time Out 2012.

The chef:

When to eat: Saturday night feasting. Don't plan anything bigger afterwards than clutching your belly.

Dollar bill, yo: Mains can push the £20 barrier, so with sides and some drinks, approx £40 a head