El Ganso

59 Broadway Market E8 4PH

0207 683 8300

AKA: The one that takes tapas to new dimensions 

The deal: Finally! A tapas joint on Broadway Market. While the rest of the strip offers food from all across the globe (and even more on the Saturday market stalls) the street has always been lacking some decent Spanish cuisine. Tapas are - of course - the original sharing plates and are perfectly matched for an evening of opening a bottle and watching the Market life go by. We visited on one of the opening nights and it was easy to see that the restaurant will quickly slot into this sort of casual dining and hangout vibe here. The venue has a cosy, shabby-chic feel to it and the booths by the wall of vintage mirrors will be the place to dine at  - especially if you've got narcissistic mates. Still, if it keeps them off their phones...

The food: Think tapas with a twist. The head chef, Marcelo, hails from Valencia and alongside all his traditional Spanish skills, he likes to mix it up a bit and give some dishes a Latin American or even Japanese touch. Start off the feasting with a tiny whole tortilla (£4.5) served with decorative smears of aioli and beetroot or the classic patatas bravas (£3.95), then move on to the impressive fish plates. The pulpo (£6.95) was tentacle perfection, served with potato puree and a delicate cime di rapa (green turnip tops) jelly. Delicious chunks of slightly-seared tuna (£6.95) followed in a light, fresh tomato sauce and things are rounded off well with a plate of rosemary Manchego slices (£4.95).

The signature dish: It might be a little early to tell, but we're calling the pulpo as the top dish

The chef: Marcelo Sánchez Cabrera

When to dine: Weeknight evenings, where you can spill onto the street and soak up the atmosphere 

Damage to pocket: Tapas plates are coming in at a pretty thrifty average of about £6, so put aside about £25 for a few shared tapas and drink, too

File under: Mid-week munches, Weekenders, Great with mates