Delve inside the minds of the master chefs and creators of your fave restaurants

"We try to create an experience - you come to us, it's a home away from home. You can get lost in here"


Ben Spalding (Stripped Back)

"I don't follow seasonality. People say, 'Oh, I've got my asparagus hand-rolled by virgins...' It's bullshit."


Andy & Kieran (Jones & Sons)

"I didn't want a "cool" or "trendy" restaurant. Cool becomes uncool, trendy becomes so last season"


Yianni Papoutsis  (MEATmission)

"The #MEATeasy was of a certain time and place. We aren't physically capable of replicating that!"


Tim O'Brien, head chef (Forge & Co)

"I think everywhere you work, you take on ideas and then you begin to find your own niche"


Patrick Hanna (L'Entrepôt) 

"It can get a little unruly here on a Saturday night and I love that about this place"


Oui Madame! crew

"This was a way for us to mix a kind of conviviality, so eating, drinking, dancing, kissing, whatever"


Dorothee Bouchon Fourchette

"The snails and the bone marrow are really popular. I love that people are daring and curious"


Andrea Michelon (Ombra)

"I learned to cook from my grandma. We still cook together, but now I'll say “it's better my way!""


Mourad (Prince Arthur)

"I created a Tonka bean pannacotta once. I put it on the menu but it just didn't work"

"I was taught to cook by an okonomiyaki master in Hiroshima - and how to crack an egg, one-handed"


Scarlett Dixon (The Gun)

"I quit my job as a lawyer and two days later I was working in a kitchen - it was a baptism of fire"


Byron Knight (POND Dalston)

"We have lots of attitude, that’s the formula. So far it hasn’t bit me in the ass as we’re still open!"


Tom Hill (Rawduck and  Ducksoup)

"When you open a restaurant, you don't expect to get a call saying that the building has collapsed!"


Margot & Anna (Rochelle Canteen) 

"Our favourite party was for Sarah Lucas in Vienna - we cooked 300 poussins in a gallery"


Dan Beaumont (Voodoo Ray's)

"We’ve got cardio downstairs and carbs upstairs, so a lot of people have a bit of a pizza break"


Claire & Matthew (Mayfields)

"We’re good at what we do and that keeps people coming back...We just want to have fun"


Melvin & David (Black Pig)

"It's funny, Iberico pig used to be the one that no-one ate. Now it's the most popular"


Nud & Chris (Breddos Tacos)

"Why not put together an octopus and an Italian nduja sausage and see what happens?"


Martin (The Spurstowe Arms)

"All I ever saw Madonna eat was a white wine spritzer"