House of MoMo

52 Boleyn Rd, London N16 8JP

020 3632 4208

AKA: The one with the delicious dumplings

The deal: OK, hands up, we've got a confession to make. We've been going for secret lunches at House of MoMo for a while now, but didn't want to share it with everyone just yet. That's because there's a full house there most days, and once the idea of their dumplings pops into your head for lunch, you don't want that wish to go unfulfilled. Anyway, tucked away behind Gillett Square - and close by to NTS Radio HQ - are some of the greatest dumplings London has to offer and some mighty tasty Nepalese food to boot. It's a small little place which fills up quickly with locals looking for a cheap and home-cooked bite, and in the evenings it's a perfect space to bring a few friends and make your way through all the dumplings on offer.

The food: The restaurant is based around MoMo, or Nepalese dumplings. There's just four questions standing in between a steaming hot bowl of comforting MoMo. Would you like a portion with five pieces (mini) or 10 pieces (regular)? Then, you'll need to decide whether you want chicken or veggie fillings, then whether you'd like them steamed or pan fried. Finally, there's a choice of plain, or with a sauce; Jhol achar or chilli. Prices start from £4 and the most expensive is only £7.50, so we say knock yourself out. Having tried all combinations, our favourite is the pan fried in the Jhol sauce – an almost nutty, gentle heat made with roasted and ground soya beans, or dunked into a bowl of the sweet and sour tomato-based chilli sauce. Leave room after your dumplings though, as this is only the start of your journey into Nepalese cuisine. Up next, you might opt for a noodle-based dish like chicken or tofu chow mein, but we'd recommend heading straight for their thali bowl. A plate of their curry of the day (or you can ask for a mixture of two) with dal, rice, pickles and some paratha. At £7 for lunch (or £10 for dinner), it's not only one of the tastiest lunches around, but one of the most pocket friendly too. It also makes life super-easy for anyone going vegan - or flexitarian - this year.

The signature dish: Jhol panfried MoMo

Damage to pocket: Some MoMo and thali and a beer will see you with change for £20. So leave the change as a tip!

When to dine: It's a little sporadic when they're open. Tuesday to Friday: 12:30-15:00  then 18:30-23:00.  Saturday: 12:30-23:00 and Sunday : 12:30-22:30. Closed on Mondays. Also recently joined UberEats.

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