15 Hoxton Market N1 6HG 

020 7739 8212

AKA: The one when only bloodied, chargrilled meat will do.

The deal: Come over to the dark side. From stepping through the bright red double doors, it's like stepping into the temple of a cult – and it is, of sorts, as it's set in an old Christian mission, but the only things being worshipped here are meat and booze. Meat Mission is the sibling restaurant to Meat Liquor (just off Oxford St) and Meat Market (Covent Garden) and by sibling we mean cool older sister – all leather jackets, moody scowl and puffing on a French cigarette she bummed off the foreign exchange guy. The restaurant is a magnet for hungover pals who can just about summon up the energy to Instagram their food before devouring it, before one of the Burgerettes convince them that yes, hair of the dog is the only way through this.

The menu: Yianni Papoutsis, the founder of Meat Mission, kicked off the trend in London for gourmet fast food, and heralded the return of the burger way back in 2009, and unsurprisingly, it still lies at the heart of the menu here. Juicy, grilled burgers ooze through buns with toppings of cheese (£6.75), green chillies (£8) or the doubled-up on meat and flavour Dead Hippie (£8.50). Fries (not chips) are necessary to soak up all the meaty goodness, while the spicy monkey fingers are more chicken than simian (phew) but mighty flavoursome. Special mention for the specialist cocktails on offer here too – Fallen Angelita (£7.50) and Kurwa Sour (£7.50) are our favourites.

Signature dish: The Dead Hippie burger

The chef: Marcin Skowronski

When to eat: Saturday afternoon – turn the morning after to the next night out

Damage to the pocket: Around £8 for a burger, or £25 for a burger, sides and cocktails. Oh, how you'll want a cocktail.

File under: Cheap chomps, hangover-buster, great with mates