250 Paradise Row E2 9LE

0207 613 0478


AKA: Take us down to Paradise City (Row)

The deal: When a wine bar as good as Sager + Wilde expands, the team behind it were never just going to settle for any old restaurant. And Mission -  dramatically based in the railway arches by Bethnal Green - is a very impressive start to their expanding dining empire. The place is named after the Mission district in San Francisco, and while the space is all classy dark-panelled wood and serious seating, we were pleased to see they managed to give a nod to the West Coast with a giant palm tree slap bang in the middle. The restaurant is based on Paradise Row and is definitely bringing up the slightly scruffy area already - it's pure class from the moment you walk through those big double doors.  There's a fancy little mezzanine area for private dining

The food: While Mission has the most impressive wine bar we've ever seen (both in quality and size - it's bloody huge) the team have moved on from small plates and their excellent grilled cheese sandwiches to more of a seasonal-British-meet-Cali sort of vibe. We visited for brunch on a Sunday morning and liked what we saw. Their three-sip cocktails thankfully aren't quite as brief as that, and a bargain for a Bloody Mary at just £4.50. Moving on to the food, avocado and tomato on sourdough toast (£7.5) was topped with a couple of smoked anchovies, giving the summery, fresh dish a good kick of salt. A chunky double duck hash (confit of duck with fried duck egg on top) (£8.5) was a hearty plate, but never veered towards greasy. Is this how grown-ups do fry-ups? We carb-loaded a little with some not-really-needed garlic and rosemary potatoes (£3.5) - still, all the better for that second breakfast cocktail, eh? As we crossed over to their lunch service, the venison pappardelle (£12) looked banging, and the artichoke and sage gnudi (£13) appeared to be a good shout too.

The signature dish: Venison pappardelle

The chef: James De Jong

When to dine: Their weekend brunch service is looking like the area's hot ticket at the moment, but it's also great for an intimate dinner, too. 

Damage to pocket:A brunch dish, cocktail and a coffee will set you back around £20, where as evening dinner with wine will be more like £40 a head.

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