Top 5: Most Read Articles 2014

Chomping Ground launched in June 2014 and in just six months, we've reviewed 34 restaurants, interviewed 15 chefs, written 26 pop-up suggestions for the weekend and featured 22 stars of the street food and supperclub scenes with the odd food trend pieces on the way. We even launched our very own pop-up, Club Brunch, and recently held the third one in Clapton.

But what were the five most popular articles on the website this year? The ones that went viral, that got a lot of 'likes' and were killing it on the retweets? Here's the list, in no particular order...

1. Hackney Pirates review Dalston restaurants

We teamed up with the kids group Hackney Pirates to get their unique views on some of the area's favourite restaurants - and it was pretty lolz. "The restaurant's food smells like the desert and the tomatoes taste like sunburn," was just one of the insights the group gave on the local cuisine. And people went nuts for it on Twitter. Read the article in full here.

2. Interview with Mangal 2

If you're not following Mangal 2 on Twitter, then we feel sorry for you as your timeline must be pretty dry. King of the put-down, we interviewed the guy behind the fiery words on his two most hated things: Nandos and hipsters. Check out more of his wise words here.

3. Dan Beaumont interview

Some call him Mr Dalston, we just call him Dan. We chatted with the guy behind Dalston Superstore and Voodoo Ray's about creating a nightspot with fist-pumping cardio downstairs and chunky carbs upstairs. We're talking techno and pizza, people. Read the full chat here.

4. Bloody Oyster review

The Bloody Oyster guys (if you hadn't guessed from the title) bring together Bloody Marys and oysters in a beautiful duo for their pop-ups and events all over town. We joined them for their trip out east to the Prince Arthur and got shucking and slurping - here's the review.

5. INK review

INK is a much-overlooked little restaurant by the canal in Mile End, headed up by innovative head chef Martin Meid. Whether it was the highly Instagrammable dishes or the intriguing flavour pairings, the review was our most viewed restaurant of the year. Check it out for yourselves...